VW Battery Plant in Salzgitter

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The pilot line for battery cell assembly in Salzgitter is running. Lithium-ion battery cells are produced in the state of Lower-Saxony, about twenty kilometers south-west of Braunschweig. The “Center of Excellence” plays a key-role in Volkswagen Group. With copy, one video and five info graphics we give you the eighteen most important answers.

Battery cells are the key components for e-mobility. This is why Volkswagen develops battery technology into a core competence in order to ensure cost leadership in batteries and thus the competitiveness of its e-vehicles. Only by building its own expertise up can the technological course be set at an early stage in development and production. Volkswagen’s e-locations in Emden and Hanover will create an efficient e-cluster in Lower Saxony. In addition, the proximity to the Group’s production locations brings logistical advantages: Zwickau for example, where series production of the ID.3 will start in the autumn, is just 300 kilometers away from Salzgitter.

Who works there?
Around 300 experts work in Salzgitter in the fields of electrochemistry and cell technology, as well as in traditional areas such as quality management, design and procurement – across Group and functional boundaries. The CoE assumes Group-wide responsibility for the development, procurement, project and portfolio management and quality assurance of all battery cells.

Who is in charge?

Frank Blome has headed the Center of Excellence for Battery Cells at Volkswagen since January 2018. Frank Blome holds a degree in electrical engineering and began his career in 1995 as a development engineer. Following positions at Continental AG as project manager and development manager for electric drives, he became head of the Energy Management business unit at Continental AG in 2004. In 2009 he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Management of Deutsche ACCUmotive GmbH, a Daimler subsidiary, in Kirchheim/Teck and Kamenz. From 2013, Blome was also head of Li-Tec Battery GmbH.
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