GM LG Battery Plant Begins Named Gigapower Battery Factory

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GM and LG Chem start the work on their own Gigapower battery factory in Lordstown, OH. The Media calls is a GigaPower Battery plant, but I don't know if GM is calling it anything Giga, like Tesla.

Now, that Tesla is actively working on its Giga Berlin and Giga Shanghai Phase 2 production GM is busy too.

Building its own Gigapower Gigafactory is a very wise move by GM as without solving the question of the supply of batteries GM cannot commit to all-electric future.

According to the Tribune Chronicle "With the last environmental permit the automaker needed to start construction on a more than $2 billion next-gen battery-cell plant in hand, General Motors has begun grading and clearing land at the site."

GM's battery factory is a joint venture with LG Chem and is located next door to the former Lordstown factory sold last year to Lordstown Motors, which intends to build electric pickup trucks there. The land was previously owned by GM.

The factory will actually be owned by the Western Reserve Port Authority, which will lease it to GigaPower LLC for a period of 5 years. Using the WRPA conduit will save the partners several million dollars in sales taxes on construction materials. When complete, the factory will contain 3.1 million square feet of manufacturing space and cost $2.25 billion — $5 million for the land, $608 million for the building, and more than $1.6 billion for machinery and equipment.


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